Health and Safety Consultant webmaster@wangara August 30, 2023

Job Title: Health and Safety Consultant

Deadline:  8th September, 2023

Job Summary:

Coliba, a leading Ghanaian plastic waste recycling company committed to environmental sustainability, is seeking a highly skilled and dedicated Health and Safety Consultant. The consultant will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our workforce, implementing effective safety measures, and fostering a culture of safety across our operations.


  • Conduct thorough assessments of our current health and safety practices and identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop, implement, and continuously improve comprehensive health and safety policies, procedures, and guidelines that align with industry best practices and regulations.
    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure that health and safety considerations are integrated into all aspects of our operations.
  • Design and deliver engaging training programs to educate employees about safe work practices, hazard identification, and emergency response protocols.
  • Conduct regular site inspections and audits to identify potential safety hazards, assess risks, and recommend corrective actions.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication channels to ensure that emplovees are informed about safety procedures, policies, and changes.
  • Develop and implement emergency response plans and procedures to ensure preparedness for potential incidents.
  • Investigate accidents, incidents, and near-miss events to identify root causes and implement preventive measures.
  • Stay updated with relevant health and safety regulations, industry trends, and best practices to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.
  • Liaise with relevant regulatory authorities, safety organizations, and external stakeholders as needed.
  • Monitor and report on key health and safety performance indicators to management and relevant stakeholders.
    Champion a culture of safety by promoting employee engagement, involvement, and ownership in health and safety initiatives.


  • Bachelor’s degree in occupational health and safety, Environmental Science, or a related field;
    relevant certifications are a plus.
  • Proven experience as a health and safety professional in industrial or manufacturing environments, with a focus on waste management or recycling industry preferred.


  • Track record of promoting a culture of safety and achieving measurable improvements in health and safety outcomes.


Please submit proposals and references to by 8th September